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Article: Can you wear a Burgundy Suit to a Wedding

Can you wear a Burgundy Suit to a Wedding | Emensuits

Can you wear a Burgundy Suit to a Wedding

Suit are popular clothing options. When it comes to wedding attire, the traditional black tuxedo or navy suit might first come to mind. However, as modern weddings evolve, so do the fashion choices.

A burgundy suit emerges as a stylish, vibrant alternative, bringing a dash of color and personality to the ceremonial aisle. But the question arises: Can you really wear a burgundy suit to a wedding? The answer is a resounding yes.

Burgundy suits offer a unique blend of sophistication and boldness, making them a perfect choice for weddings. Whether you're a groom looking to stand out, a member of the wedding party, or a guest aiming to make a stylish statement, a burgundy suit can be an excellent choice. Its rich, deep color adds a level of elegance and warmth that complements the celebratory nature of a wedding.

Why Choose a Burgundy Suit for a Wedding?

Why Choose a Burgundy Suit for Wedding | Emensuits

In the realm of wedding fashion, burgundy suits are rapidly gaining popularity, moving from a novel choice to a favored trend for grooms, groomsmen, and guests alike. This shift towards more vibrant, expressive attire reflects a broader trend in weddings where personal style and unique celebrations are highly valued.

So, why should one consider a burgundy suit for their wedding attire? There are many benefits of a burgundy suit, offering a blend of style, versatility, and profound meaning.

Aesthetic Appeal

The primary allure of a burgundy suit lies in its striking aesthetic appeal. Burgundy, a rich blend of red and purple, exudes a warmth and depth unmatched by more traditional colors. It stands out in a crowd, ensuring that the wearer makes a memorable impression.

Unlike the starkness of black or the commonality of navy and grey, burgundy offers a distinctive alternative that is both eye-catching and elegant. Its deep hue works well across various wedding themes and settings, from rustic autumnal ceremonies to chic urban celebrations.

Versatility in Styling

Burgundy’s versatility extends beyond seasonal suitability; it offers a wide range of styling options. This color pairs beautifully with a variety of complementary shades such as navy, cream, gold, and even softer pastels, allowing for diverse looks fitting the wedding's theme or the wearer's personal taste.

Accessories in these colors can elevate the suit further, making it adaptable to both daytime brightness and evening sophistication. The burgundy suit serves as a canvas for creativity, enabling the wearer to experiment with different shirt, tie, and pocket square combinations to achieve a look that’s uniquely theirs.

Symbolic Significance

Choosing a burgundy suit also carries symbolic weight. In color psychology, burgundy is associated with sophistication, power, and ambition, but also with love and passion. Wearing a burgundy suit can subtly convey these qualities, making it a fitting choice for an occasion that celebrates love and commitment. It’s a way for the groom or the guest to express not just their style, but also their heartfelt joy and the significance of the event.

Seasonal Harmony

While versatile enough for any season, a burgundy suit particularly shines in fall and winter weddings, harmonizing with the natural colors of these seasons. Its rich tone complements the golden hues of autumn and the crisp ambiance of a winter setting, adding to the overall aesthetic of the wedding. For spring and summer weddings, a lighter shade of burgundy can maintain the suit’s distinctive appeal without feeling too heavy for the season.

Photogenic Quality

Burgundy suits are incredibly photogenic, offering a pop of color that stands out in wedding photographs. They add a layer of visual interest and contrast against various backdrops, from lush greenery to urban landscapes, ensuring that the wedding album is vibrant and dynamic.

The color also works well under different lighting conditions, from the soft glow of sunset to the bright lights of an indoor venue, capturing beautifully in every frame.

Reflecting Personal Style

More than ever, weddings are seen as an expression of the couple’s personal style and story. Choosing a burgundy suit is an opportunity to step away from convention and showcase individuality. It reflects a willingness to embrace unique fashion choices and a desire to make the wedding attire personal and memorable.

For grooms, in particular, it offers a chance to take a more active role in the wedding aesthetics, selecting a suit that complements the bridal attire and the overall color scheme of the wedding.

Enhancing the Wedding Theme

A burgundy suit can also play a key role in enhancing the wedding theme. Whether the theme is vintage glamour, rustic chic, or modern elegance, the suit’s color can be a focal point that ties the decor, floral arrangements, and bridal party attire together. It’s a way to integrate the wedding attire into the larger visual story of the day, creating a cohesive and harmonious look.

Making a Bold Statement

Finally, opting for a burgundy suit is about making a bold statement. It’s a declaration of confidence, style, and the joy of celebration. Wearing burgundy to a wedding signifies that you’re not afraid to stand out and that you embrace the festive, celebratory nature of the occasion with open arms.

It’s a choice that says much about the wearer’s personality and approach to life—passionate, bold, and unafraid to express love and happiness in vivid color.

How to Style a Burgundy Suit for a Wedding?

How to Style Burgundy Suit for a Wedding | Emensuits

The decision to wear a burgundy suit to a wedding is a testament to one’s personal style and a nod to the versatility of modern menswear. Styling a burgundy suit for such an occasion requires a balance between traditional wedding attire etiquette and the unique flair that this vibrant color brings. Here’s how to ensure that your burgundy suit is styled to perfection, making you stand out for all the right reasons.

Understanding the Wedding Theme

First and foremost, consider the wedding theme and venue. A burgundy suit fits a range of settings, from a rustic outdoor event to an elegant evening affair. For daytime weddings, especially in spring or summer, pair your suit with lighter colors to complement the season. Evening weddings call for darker, more luxurious accessories to elevate the richness of the burgundy.

Selecting the Right Shirt

The shirt serves as the canvas for your suit, and choosing the right color and fabric is crucial. A crisp white shirt is a fail-safe option that adds a touch of classic sophistication, making the burgundy color pop. For a less formal or summer wedding, consider light pastel shades like pink or sky blue, which subtly harmonize with the warmth of burgundy.

Ties and Accessories

The tie is where you can infuse personality into your outfit. A silk tie in navy, gold, or a pattern that includes burgundy tones can tie the whole look together. For a modern twist, consider a bow tie in a complementary color or a playful pattern.

Accessories like pocket squares, cufflinks, and a boutonniere add layers of sophistication. A pocket square in a contrasting color or print can add depth to your look, while cufflinks should be understated but elegant. A boutonniere is a traditional choice for weddings; select one that matches the wedding's floral theme.

Footwear Choices

The right shoes can make or break the outfit. For a formal look, opt for classic leather dress shoes in black or dark brown. These colors create a beautiful contrast with the burgundy suit, grounding the outfit. For a semi-formal or summer wedding, consider brogues or loafers in lighter shades of brown.

Belt or No Belt

The choice between wearing a belt or opting for side adjusters on your trousers depends on personal preference and the suit’s design. If you choose to wear a belt, ensure it matches your shoes to maintain a cohesive look.

Watch and Jewelry

A sophisticated watch can serve as a statement piece. Choose one that complements your overall attire without overpowering it. Keep other jewelry minimal – a wedding ring or a simple bracelet can suffice.

Layering with a Vest

For an added layer of formality, consider wearing a vest under your suit jacket. A matching burgundy vest can offer a three-piece suit look that is both elegant and distinguished. For a more dynamic style, a contrasting vest in a neutral color like gray or navy can add depth to your ensemble.

Tailoring and Fit

The fit of your suit is paramount. A well-tailored burgundy suit should hug your shoulders, allow room for movement, and have trousers that break just right over your shoes. Consider investing in a bespoke suit or taking your off-the-rack suit to a skilled tailor for adjustments.

Embracing the Burgundy Theme

If you’re part of the wedding party, and burgundy is a theme color, embrace it with enthusiasm. Coordinate with the couple to ensure your suit complements the wedding's color palette, contributing to a cohesive and visually stunning celebration.

Confidence is Key

Ultimately, the most important accessory you can wear with your burgundy suit is confidence. Own your look with pride, and let your personality shine through. Remember, weddings are joyous occasions, and your attire should reflect the happiness and love being celebrated.


When Should You wear Burgundy?

Burgundy, a rich and versatile hue, sits at the crossroads of red and purple, exuding elegance, depth, and sophistication. Its universal appeal makes it a favored choice for various occasions, not just confined to the realm of casual wear but extending into the formal and celebratory spheres, such as weddings. Understanding when to wear burgundy requires a nuanced appreciation of fashion, seasonality, and the event's nature.

Seasonal Suitability

The warmth and depth of burgundy make it particularly suitable for the autumn and winter months. During these seasons, burgundy suits, dresses, and accessories harmonize beautifully with the natural backdrop—think of the golden hues of falling leaves or the rich tones of winter sunsets. However, its versatility shines through year-round.

In spring and summer, lighter shades of burgundy or strategic pairings with lighter accessories can make it just as relevant and stylish, providing a vibrant contrast to the season's palette.

Event Context

Burgundy transcends the boundaries of seasonal wear to become a statement piece for various events. Its richness makes it a perfect choice for formal occasions, offering a distinguished alternative to the conventional black or navy. For weddings, especially, burgundy can add a touch of personality and flair, whether you're part of the wedding party or a guest. It aligns well with both daytime and evening events, capable of adapting to the formality and style of the celebration.

Wedding Celebrations

The decision to wear burgundy to a wedding is emblematic of a broader shift towards more personalized and vibrant wedding attire. For daytime weddings, a burgundy suit paired with lighter accessories can create a look that is both elegant and suitable for the occasion. Evening weddings offer an opportunity to deepen the tone, pairing the suit with darker accessories for a look that resonates with the event's sophistication.

Versatility in Fashion

Burgundy's versatility extends beyond the confines of formal wear. It is equally at home in casual and business casual settings, allowing for a wide range of styling options. Pairing a burgundy blazer with denim for a casual outing or with tailored trousers for a business meeting demonstrates the color's adaptability and enduring appeal.

Cultural and Thematic Events

Certain cultural or themed events may call for specific colors or styles. Burgundy, with its rich symbolism associated with luxury, power, and passion, can be an apt choice for events where these themes are celebrated. It offers a way to engage with the event's theme deeply, making a bold statement while adhering to the dress code.

Personal Style and Comfort

Ultimately, the best time to wear burgundy is when it aligns with your personal style and comfort. Fashion is an expression of individuality, and choosing to wear burgundy should resonate with your sense of self. Whether you're drawn to its depth of color, its versatility, or the way it complements your skin tone, burgundy offers a canvas for self-expression.

Pairing with the Right Accessories

The choice of accessories can transform how burgundy is perceived and worn. For formal events, gold or silver accessories can elevate the look, while for more casual settings, leather and earth tones can provide a grounded, accessible feel. The right accessories not only complement the burgundy but also adapt it to the occasion and season.

Use Burgundy Suit Year-Round

The debate on when to wear burgundy is less about finding the perfect occasion and more about embracing the color's versatility and making it your own. Whether through a statement suit at a wedding, a casual sweater for a weekend outing, or a formal dress for a gala, burgundy offers a spectrum of possibilities waiting to be explored.


In conclusion, wearing a burgundy suit to a wedding is not only acceptable but encouraged for those looking to infuse their wedding attire with personality, elegance, and style.

Whether you're the groom, a part of the wedding party, or a distinguished guest, a burgundy suit offers a modern twist on traditional wedding fashion, promising to make the special day even more memorable.

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