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Lavender Suits


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Save $10.00Lavender Paisley Tuxedo Jacket - Men's Slim Fit for Wedding & Prom
Lavender Paisley Tuxedo Jacket - Men's Slim Fit for Wedding & Prom Sale price$189.00 USD Regular price$199.00 USD
Save $60.00"Lilac Lavender Men's Summer Linen Suit - Modern Fit Casual Style"
"Lilac Lavender Men's Summer Linen Suit - Modern Fit Casual Style" Sale price$169.00 USD Regular price$229.00 USD
Save $100.00"Mens Stacy Adams Suit - Stacy Adams Suit Men's Modern Fit Suit - One Button Vested in Lavender Plaid"
Save $90.00"Lavender Men's Wedding & Prom Suit - Two Button Vested Peak Lapel"
"Lavender Men's Wedding & Prom Suit - Two Button Vested Peak Lapel" Sale price$179.00 USD Regular price$269.00 USD
"Lavender Paisley Velvet Blazer for Men - Two Button Design"
"Classic Fit Men's Two-Button Suit - Dark Grey & Lavender Windowpane Plaid"
Save $120.00"Mens Stacy Adams Suit - Stacy Adams Suit Men's Vested Business Suit - Two Button, Mauve Plaid"
Save $100.00"Lilac Men's Floral Print Wedding Tuxedo Suit - One Button Vested Dinner Jacket"
"Lilac Men's Floral Print Wedding Tuxedo Suit - One Button Vested Dinner Jacket" Sale price$199.00 USD Regular price$299.00 USD
Save $120.00"Mens Stacy Adams Suit - Stacy Adams Suit Men's Fancy Two-Button Vested Suit in Lilac Lavender"
"Paisley Prom Tuxedo - Men's Slim Fit Lavender Smoking Jacket"
"Peak Lapel Vested Suit for Men - Modern Fit, Dark Lavender & Gold Windowpane Plaid"

High-quality Lavender Suit 

Make a good fashion statement with our lavender suits for men. We have a range of lavender suits to meet all of your format and informal clothing needs. Our exclusive Suit Collection for men is designed to redefine elegance and elevate your fashion game to new heights. From classic lavender suits to trendy lavender blazers, we have curated a range that combines modern aesthetics with timeless charm.

Lavender suits for men are available in different materials. You can check out our collection to choose your favorite color. Choosing the right fabric enhances the overall appeal of your lavender suit.

Historically, purple has been associated with royalty, symbolizing power and luxury. In ancient times, purple dye extraction was a laborious process, making it a rarity reserved for kings and other members of the royal elite.

However, with modern technological advancements, purple and its various shades, including lavender, have become accessible to those who appreciate its allure. The sentiment of nobility linked with the color endures, and lavender, being a lighter shade, is now receiving the recognition it deserves in men's fashion.

Pastel reds and pinks have found their way into formal garments like suits, with fashion show designers and celebrities alike choosing this style. This trend has trickled down to the general public, encouraging more individuals to experiment with unconventional colors. Hence, if you've been contemplating donning a dark purple suit, the present moment provides the perfect opportunity to step into the world of lavender.

Choosing the Right Fabric

The material of your lavender suit contributes significantly to its overall look and feel. For a semi-formal look, especially for events like beach weddings, wool suits are an excellent choice. Wool suits have a muted appearance, perfect for semi-formal occasions. Their natural drape enhances the overall aesthetic.

If you're venturing into more casual settings, consider linen or cotton lavender suits for a beach wedding. For cocktail parties or club outings, opt for seersucker lavender suits. If budget-friendly options are your preference, synthetic materials like polyester and rayon also offer lavender suits with a distinct charm.

Styling for Different Occasions

The versatility of lavender suits allows for diverse styling options based on the event and its formality:

Beach Weddings

For a semi-formal beach wedding look, consider a vested lavender suit. The vested style adds a formal touch that complements the breezy ambiance of a summer wedding. A single-breasted lavender suit paired with a purple vertical-striped dress shirt exudes a laid-back charm, ideal for beach settings. For a slightly elevated formality, opt for a double-breasted lavender suit.

Casual and Relaxed Look

Two-piece lavender suits offer a more relaxed appearance compared to vested suits. The styling choice depends on personal preference and the desired level of formality. Notably, the type of lapel also plays a role in determining the overall look. Peak lapels convey formality, while notch lapels offer a more relaxed feel. Shawl lapels with black detailing are trending, especially among grooms at summer weddings.

Patterned Lavender Suits

We have patterns suits that can add a distinctive and provide a unique look, setting you apart from the crowd. Striped suits work well for business settings, and zoot lavender suits are perfect for parties and costume events.

Button Choice and Fit

Our collection features different button choices. The number of buttons on the suit jacket contributes to the overall appearance. Single-button and two-button lavender suits are recommended for regular use, while three-button suits or those with additional buttons work well for taller individuals, creating a balanced look.

The fit is crucial, especially for light-colored garments that draw attention. Slim fit and skinny fit lavender suits offer a modern fitted appearance. Classic fit or Italian cut suits provide a more relaxed option.

Affordable Lavender Suit 

Our collection also features a men's lavender blazer that can be the best choice for casual wear. Blurring the lines between formal and informal, these blazers offer a contemporary twist to casual wear. Whether worn with tailored chinos or dressed down with jeans, the men's lavender blazer effortlessly captures the essence of modern, laid-back sophistication.

Comfort meets style in the men's lavender suits featured in this collection. Crafted from high-quality fabrics and tailored for a perfect fit, these suits prioritize both aesthetics and comfort. From business meetings to social events, mens lavender suits ensure that the wearer not only looks good but also feels confident and at ease.

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In lavender suit collection for men showcased here is a celebration of individuality, style, and versatility. Our lavender wedding suit for a memorable occasion or a men's lavender blazer for a casual yet sophisticated look, our lavender suit collection caters to the diverse fashion preferences of the modern man.

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