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Article: Seersucker Suits Guide: How to wear, Tips, Trends and Prices

What is the Difference Between a Seersucker Suit and a Regular Suit? | Emensuits

Seersucker Suits Guide: How to wear, Tips, Trends and Prices

Seersucker Suits Guide: How to Wear, Tips, Trends and Prices

The fashion world for men is vast, it offers various suits that accommodate different needs and events. Because of their distinctive particularities, seersucker suits are a very popular choice, especially in warmer seasons. This guide will discuss seersucker meaning, features that make a seersucker suit distinct, what makes it different from regular suits, offer fashion suggestions for various occasions, and show best-selling seersucker suits.

What is a Seersucker Suit?

When people first meet seersucker, they may be confused regarding the meaning of the pattern or style. Seersucker is a soft, sturdy, durable, and comfortable material renowned for its crinkled, puckered texture. Made from 100 percent cotton, this exclusive fabric is ideal for hot weather and it offers both aesthetic appeal and comfort.

The History of Seersucker

What is seersucker? The term "seersucker" has its roots in Persian where "shir o shekar" translates to "milk and sugar," depicting the smooth and rough lines of this fabric. The fabric was offered to the East India Company in the 1600s. The first seersucker patterns comprised light and white strips that were reminiscent of sugarcane and milk. The pattern became popular throughout Europe and was later made available all over the United States. In 1903, a significant moment took place, when Joseph Gurney Cannon wore a seersucker suit, which was striped, for a meeting with President Roosevelt and introduced seersucker into the realm of formal attire for men.

Seersucker Suit vs. Regular Suit

The most significant distinction between a seersucker suit and a regular suit is the fabric. Seersucker is a thin, puckered cotton fabric that usually features a checkered or striped pattern. Its puckering appearance is produced by slack-tension weaving, which creates a comfortable and lightweight fabric. The standard suits, on contrary, are made out of wool or a wool-blend with a more smooth and refined appearance.

Fabric and Texture

The distinct texture of seersucker is what makes it distinctive and provides a casual style and a comfortable appearance. It's a fantastic choice for hot weather because it's breathable and a popular choice during spring and summer seasons. Regular suits, made from wool or other substances provide a more elegant and polished appearance which is appropriate for cooler temperatures as well as formal occasions.

Versatility and Style

Seersucker suits are renowned for their versatility. They are able to be paired with a variety of tie styles and shirts which allows them to be versatile in their dress. Shades that are lighter, such as blue or beige, are timeless choices that make a summery appearance. Traditional suits, while adaptable in their own manner tend to stick to the more conventional styling rules and are typically seen in darker solid colors.

When to Wear a Seersucker Suit

Seersucker suits seamlessly blend fashion and convenience they are an ideal option for any event however, they are especially appropriate for hot summer days. Here are a few examples of how seersucker suits make an elegant fashion statement.

Summer Weddings

Seersucker suits are perfect for weddings that take place in summer months, since the fabric's breathable characteristics guarantee that you stay cool throughout your wedding. The light and airy nature of seersucker when combined with its fashionable but casual style, makes it a perfect option for outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Semi-Formal Events

For semi-formal occasions like baby showers or engagement parties Seersucker suits are the perfect mix of formal style and an easy-going feeling. The distinct texture of seersucker fabric lends it a unique personality which makes the suits an ideal option for semi-formal events of all kinds.

Smart-Casual Events

For casual, yet elegant events like BBQ evenings, Fourth of July parties or community picnics Seersucker suits will help that you are stylish and not having to sacrifice ease of wearing. Seersucker's inherent versatility is a great option for occasions that require smart casual style and you're looking to stand out with a sophisticated appearance.

How to Wear a Seersucker Suit

Choosing the Right Fit

An appropriately fitted seersucker suit is essential for a sleek look. Opt for a slim fit to avoid appearing rigid or angular. The trousers should be a little loosely pressed against the uppers of your shoes. An appropriately fitted jacket that slacks elegantly at the wrist gives the final touch of elegance.

Pairing with Shirts and Ties

Pair your seersucker suit with a white or black dress shirt to create a classic style. In the case of tie styles, you'll have the option of experimenting. Opt towards lighter more neutral shades or add a splash of color to create a more lively outfit. Dress shoes or loafers can be a great addition, depending on the event.


Seersucker suits possess a striking style, and so a well-planned accessory can make a difference to the overall style. Make your look more appealing by choosing accessories that create contrast and depth. You can consider a dark-colored shirt or pocket squares to achieve a balance. It is important to select accessories that are made of complementary fabrics like rayon or cotton to ensure they are in perfect harmony with seersucker fabrics.

Styling a Seersucker Suit

Breaking it Up as Separates

Seersucker suits can be worn in a variety of ways. Wear the pants and jacket separate for various occasions. The pants can be paired with a button-down to create an elegant and casual style. Team the jacket with jeans or chinos for a casual but stylish outfit.

Best Color Combinations

  • Blue Seersucker Suit: Enjoy the timeless appeal of white and blue checkered or stripes. Pair a white blazer with baby blue or powdered dress shirt. Include a tie with a darker shade to add contrast, and bring in complementing colors with accessories.
  • Grey Seersucker Suit: Create elegant style with the seersucker suit in white and grey. It's best paired with a crisp white shirt, and the pastel tie to add an element of modernity.
  • Navy Seersucker Suit: To show the ultimate in sophistication and versatility, opt for the navy seersucker dress. It's best paired with white dress shirts with matching brown dress shoes to create an elegant look.

Seersucker Suit Shoes to Wear

Shoes for seersucker suit may include Oxford, classic white buck sneakers or loafers, they are wonderful alternatives to pair to seersucker suit. Use light brown or white for a casual yet elegant appearance. Socks that match are not required and allow for an unpretentious look.

Top Best-Selling Seersucker Suits

1. Blue Seersucker Suit for Men 

This seersucker suit with a modern fit is the perfect mix of comfort, style and flexibility. It features a two-button closure side vents, notch lapels and a flat front pant. This suit is perfect for any occasion such as a Kentucky Derby or Southern-themed wedding to a summer-themed party.

2. Red Seersucker Double Breasted Suit 

This suit is perfect for proms, weddings, business, and other formal occasions. The red suit gives an elegant look and features the trademark puckered texture.

3. Seersucker Suits For Men in Black

This 2 button seersucker suit is accompanied by an appropriate vest, and the pants are an elegant fit. This classic summer dress comes with side vents as well as straight front pant legs, making it ideal for semi-formal and formal office formal events.

4. Tan Seersucker Summer Suit for Men

This modern fit seersucker suit is a perfect combination of fashion, comfort and flexibility. With closure that has two buttons with notch lapels, vents in the side and a flat front pant. This suit is perfect for any occasion that ranges from Kentucky Derby or Southern-themed wedding to a summer celebration. The three-piece version of this suit is at the lower end of sizing. If you're not sure of your size or prefer a slimmer fitting, we suggest ordering one size larger.

5. Summer Seersucker Suit in Pink Pinstripe

This seersucker 2 button suit includes an appropriate vest and with matching pants in modern fitting. This summer classic features vents on the sides and the pants are flat on top.


Is Seersucker Cooler Than Cotton?

Seersucker is certainly cooler than traditional cotton. The distinctive weave pattern and the wrinkled surface of the seersucker fabric permit for greater air circulation, which makes it extremely ventilated. This characteristic is what makes seersucker the ideal fabric for humid and hot climates and provides an aeration effect that sets it apart from other cotton fabrics.

Is a Seersucker Suit Formal?

Seersucker suits were traditionally regarded as casual summer wear. However, their evolution to formal attire for men began in the 20th century. The introduction of a seersucker suit with stripes in 1903 by Joseph Gurney Cannon during a meeting with President Roosevelt was a key factor in elevating the seersucker suit to a formal dress code. Seersucker suits today are considered suitable for a variety of occasions, from semi-formal parties to weddings in summer which makes them a flexible option for men's clothing.


Seersucker suits are an innovative twist to the male style by offering a more casual alternative to the conventional suit. Its unique texture, light nature, and flexibility make it an outstanding suit for warmer temperatures and a variety of occasions. It doesn't matter if you're attending an outdoor wedding or a semi-formal occasion or even a casual event, a seersucker dress will keep you cool and comfortable. It's also fashionable. Browse our selection of seersucker suits to discover the ideal look for your next gathering.

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