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Article: Royal blue vs Navy blue Suit

Royal blue vs Navy blue Suit

Royal blue vs Navy blue Suit

Suits are popular in menswear and come in different colours, such as royal and navy blue. However, the choice of colour can significantly impact the overall look and style. Two popular options for suits are royal blue suit and navy blue suit, each offering unique charm and versatility. 

Everyone wants to know the difference between t royal blue and navy blue suits. So, in this blog post, we will discuss the differences between royal blue and navy blue suits and how to wear them to get a polished look. 


Choosing Between Royal Blue vs Navy Blue in Men’s Fashion

Royal Blue

Royal blue, known as the Queen's or "Pitti blue," exudes brightness and brilliance. With undertones of purple and red, this vibrant shade commands attention and makes a bold statement. Historically associated with royalty, royal blue adds a touch of regal elegance to any outfit. Royal blue epitomizes sophistication and flair in a casual blazer or a formal suit.

Navy Blue

In contrast, navy blue is the epitome of understated refinement. Navy blue symbolizes authority, order, and stability, oozing with military history. With its deep, rich tone, navy blue is a timeless classic that never goes out of style. Whether you're heading to the office or a formal event, a navy blue suit exudes confidence and professionalism. From the British Royal Navy to the modern corporate world, navy blue commands respect and admiration.


How to Wear Blue

Blue is a classic colour that exudes confidence and sophistication, making it a favourite choice for men’s suits. When wearing a blue suit, it’s essential to consider factors such as the occasion, season, and personal style. Royal blue and navy blue are timeless options that can be styled in various ways to suit different looks and settings.

For a formal and elegant look, pair a navy blue suit with a crisp white dress shirt, a silk tie in a complementary colour, and black leather dress shoes. This ensemble is perfect for business meetings, weddings, and other formal events where you want to make a polished impression.

On the other hand, a royal blue suit offers a more vibrant and eye-catching alternative. To create a modern and stylish look, pair a royal blue suit with a light blue or patterned dress shirt, a slim tie in a contrasting colour, and brown or tan leather shoes. This ensemble is ideal for semi-formal occasions like cocktail parties, dinner dates, and evening events.


When & Where to Wear Blue

The versatility of blue suits makes them suitable for a wide range of occasions, from formal affairs to casual outings. However, knowing when and where to wear each shade can help you make the correct fashion statement.

Navy blue suits are classic wardrobe staples worn year-round for various events. They are particularly well-suited for business settings, interviews, and professional functions where a polished and conservative look is desired. Navy blue suits also make excellent choices for evening events and formal ceremonies, such as weddings and galas.

On the other hand, royal blue suits are best reserved for occasions where you want to stand out and make a bold statement. They are perfect for parties, social gatherings, and other festive events where you want to showcase your individuality and sense of style. Royal blue suits are also famous for summer weddings and outdoor celebrations thanks to their vibrant hue and cheerful demeanour.


Roles of Royal Blue vs Navy Blue in Men's Fashion

Royal Blue for a Color Pop in Accessories

Regarding accessories, royal blue adds colour and personality to any outfit. Whether it's a pocket square, a tie, or a statement watch, royal blue accessories are the perfect way to elevate your look. With warm undertones that add depth and vibrancy, royal blue accessories will turn heads and make a lasting impression.

Everything but Navy for Streetwear

While navy blue is a staple in menswear, it's less commonly seen in streetwear. Instead, opt for brighter shades like royal blue, cerulean, or indigo to add colour and personality to your casual outfits. From hoodies to sneakers, royal blue adds a playful touch to streetwear ensembles and sets you apart from the crowd.


Colours and Pairings for Navy and Royal Blue

Colours to Wear with Navy Blue

Navy blue pairs beautifully with warm and cool tones alike. From earthy browns and olive greens to soft pastels and crisp whites, navy blue complements various colours and textures. Whether colour-blocking or opting for a monochromatic look, navy blue adds depth and sophistication to any outfit.

Colours to Wear with Royal Blue

Royal blue is a statement colour that demands attention. Pair it with neutrals like white, grey, or beige for a sophisticated look, or add a pop of colour with bold hues like yellow, red, or orange. When it comes to prints and patterns, please keep it simple to let royal blue take centre stage. Whether dressing up for a special occasion or making a statement on the street, royal blue is the perfect choice for adding a touch of flair to any outfit.


Final words 

If you opt for royal blue or navy blue, both shades are timeless classics that belong in every man's wardrobe. With their versatility, sophistication, and understated elegance, royal blue and navy blue are perfect for any occasion. Visit our suit collection page and shop for your favourite one.

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